Tiki Polynesian Style Rum

Welcome to the Jungle! Kahakai Tiki Spiced Rum and Tropical Favored Spiced Rums are carefully distilled using a traditional Island recipe to create this Polynesian style spiced rum.

tiki rumA collection of the most exotic rums anywhere! From one of the most exotic places on earth we’ve found a variety of wonderfully unique and tropical flavors that you’ll find only in KAHAKAI TIKI RUM! We have discovered a spice from the Polynesian Island of Bali that was so alluring that we knew we had to have it. Legend has it, it’s the same spice that Polynesian Chiefs proclaimed to be sacred and forbidden….or Taboo, and it’s the same spice used in KAHAKAI TIKI RUM!

Kahakai Tiki Rum….sacred, forbidden, and exotic…we warned you!

Polynesian Tiki Pop: Where It Began

The name Tiki derives from the Polynesian God Tiki, who the Polynesians considered to be the First Man. Tiki is also the name of the carved stone and wooden statues of tiki gods that are found everywhere from Hawaii to Easter Island to New Zealand. For centuries, Europeans and North Americans have idealized the garden of Eden-like qualities of the Polynesian Islands.

It wasn’t until the tiki revival in the 1990’s that tiki style became a common expression, and Polynesian drinks were dubbed “tiki” drinks.

People have always loved a great cocktail, and a good tiki drink is both complex to taste and beautiful to be hold. Moreover Rum is huge –not only is it the most popular distilled spirit in the world, but Americans are cottoning on to what the tropical world has known for years. If you really want to see what a “taste of Paradise” is, click on our drinks and recipes to experience real tropical flavor!

Four Distinctive Tiki Rum Flavors

Each of our spiced rums have their own distinct characteristics. The spiced rums differ from one another due to flavor. Our flavored rum is infused with spices such as banana, kahiki fruit, coconut and our original tiki spiced rum. Each offers a unique taste and can be served straight with ice or as an important part of many tropical-style cocktails.

No matter if its summer, spring, fall or winter one of our four delicious flavors is sure to be the perfect compliment with any seasonal cocktail recipe. Our spiced flavored Polynesian style rums have one thing in common... "ROBUST" flavor that will add an extra burst of tropical tiki taste in you next cocktail.

Whether it's our Original Spiced, Banana Spiced, Coconut Spiced or Kahiki Spiced you will find "PARADISE IN A BOTTLE" with Kahakai Tiki Rum!

tiki spiced rum fruit spiced rum

Dark Amber Hue

A golden 70 proof rum with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and other exotic spices perfect for re-creating the fun classic Polynesian drinks or for new cocktails.

Kahiki Fruit Rum

Made using the finest cane molasses and the rare salak fruit from central Bali. Explore your senses and see if you can taste the pineapple hints from this unique fruit. Ideal in a rum punch.

coconut spiced rum banana spiced rum

Dark Golden Hue

A golden 70 proof rum using only the finest American Molasses and a pure coconut flavor, perfect for any cocktail.

Copper Cinnamon Hue

A 70 proof gold American rum made in a Polynesian style blended with fresh bananas. Perfect for adding zip to the Banana Daiquiri.